CNC uses the best Softwash system a provider can perform. We use a soap solution along with a Sodium Hypochlorite solution specifically mixed at the proper ratio to get your house the cleanest so it lasts the longest. Our house wash methods are methodical and done slowly and meticulously. The soap we use has a flowery pleasant scent that helps your home smell lovely when it's finished.

What separates us from our competitors?

The methods and solutions we use are what makes us unique. We use a Softwash method that's not much stronger than a garden hose. Our competitors claim they use "low pressure" but what they really use is a down streaming method from their pressure washer that's greater than 80 psi or stronger and charge a small fee because they can do the work fast and are gone in less than an hour. That's how they make money, by volume with low quality. They also do not use the proper surfactant or soap to lift dirt and debris from your siding. It only removes or partially removes the organics such as mold and algae leaving your home STILL DIRTY. Our method leaves your house as clean as a brand new house. Our house wash methods last much much longer than what down streamers deliver. It's true, you get what you pay for. Why not wash your house once and enjoy through the year instead of a couple of months?

Very knowable of chemicals used to clean and brighten a cedar dwelling! Cleaned roof of mold and moss with friendly chemicals. In all, CNC did an Outstanding job. IN the Marine Corps, "Outstanding" is the highest compliment you can get!

Rick H


About Us and Who We Are

CNC Pressure Washing is a new company. It is a new entity born from its parent company Millennium Contracting founded in 2004.But that doesn't mean our experience is new. The founder has been in the home service industry since 2004. That's over one and a half decades of serving the public with professional services including restoration specialties that only the elite restoration painting pros can deliver. During our years of those services we have understood how to resolve issues with chemicals, solvents, and solutions to restore wood surfaces and even interior restoration practices from basic painting, to plaster wall and ceiling restoration efforts only unique to us by experience and problem solving methods used by only a small few. During that time we've soft washed hundreds of houses in preparation for new coatings, restorative efforts, or just a great house wash, deck, fence, or concrete surfaces. We understand the needs of your homes exterior. It's a unique set of experience that only CNC Pressure Washing possesses. It's that simple, trust a true pro, or one of "those guys" that push speed, quick satisfaction and a dwindling result leaving you wanting, and wishing you hired pro that delivers quality, satisfaction, lasting results ,and satisfaction. So go ahead, call or click below for a free estimate and a consultation.

First, I like how responsive Rich has been. I live on High Rock Lake and at times it's hard to get some companies to follow through and show up. It's also hard to get fair pricing out here. From my first request with Rich for a quote to having the work done, he has been on time and fair with his pricing! He has good experience in other home repair needs and I am using him for those projects well. In addition, I have also referred him to other homeowners in my area. Rich is straight forward, shows up and does nice work! Thank you Rich!!!

Randy G